Thank you for your interest in volunteering for TheFreedom2Run , Youth Series. It is volunteers like you that make the events possible.  You are truly among a group of amazing individuals who each year commit to ensuring local youth have accessibility to healthy recreational, fitness and nutritional resources which may be otherwise be impossible to prove.


We host nearly 1500 youth athletes annually and each event unique to and support an important cause. Without you as a volunteer, our races would not be possible.   Volunteers help organize however are also a large part of the motivation each participant needs to complete the race and overcome challenging and obstacles they may have otherwise thought they could not achieve. Volunteering for a TheFreedom2Run race will be a unique life altering experience for both you and our participating athletes.


Proceeds from all TheFreedom2Run events are donated back to the community via grants and collaborative with local schools and non-profit organizations.


A huge Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to those individuals who have volunteered since 2002 keeping the mission and vision alive!  Your dedication and enthusiasm are both encouraging and contagious.  We look forward to seeing you each year as we continue to expand our reach to even more youth, families and communities.


If it's your first year join us...Welcome Aboard!!  All you have to do is click the link to sign up. There are several options for volunteering on each event day as well as all during the week of the event and the day after the event. 


Most Common Volunteer Roles:


Volunteer Check In

You are the first volunteers to arrive on event day and after checking in will proceed with assisting with the check in of all other volunteers scheduled for that days event.


Venue Set-Up/ Tear-Down

This role will require some physical labot however is a great opportunity to witness first-hand the before and after of the event which includes organizing the race course and/or events, finish line set and expo set up not to mention a host of other things. This is great opportunity for groups, teams, and clubs. 


Registration & Packet Pick Up

This is the first stop for athletes and parents alike so a nice smile and dose of positive encouragement are a great match for this role.  Athletes will pick up all race materials that is required to compete from you at this location.


Course/Event Official

Your first and most important priority will be the safety of the athletes at all times.  Ensuring each athlete has a safe and enjoyable exprience which may require you to keep spectators and supporters in designated areas and ensuring athletes have water when needed.


Aid Stations

The number of Aid stations per event will vary by size and participant numbers however aid station volunteers will be responsible for providing water cups when needed, keeping the station clear of debris from runners and maintaining waters levels to ensure adequare water quantities are available.


Finish Line

Volunteering at the finish lines means you will be part of every athletes pivotal moment of accomplisment as they cross the the line symbolizing their achievements.  You providing each athlete with enthusiam and excitement will be highly encouraged. Whether you are holding the finish line tape or placing medals around athletes necks this is a highly rewarding role.











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