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Invitations are extended annually to over forty local organizations inviting them to share this great opportunity in honor of “Uncle Willie”, born with down syndrome in 1962 when inclusion did not exist, however he never lost his spirit to run. We are proud to present you with TheFreedom2Run™  Spirit Games™. The event will offer a total of ten events which include: sprints (50m/100m, 200m, 400m), distance (1500m), assisted walk (50m), race walk (400m), wheel chair (100m), field events (softball throw, mini javelin, long jump).


Children with autism, down syndrome, hearing loss or deafness, blindness, physical disabilities (spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, amputees, etc. are all invited to open training as we prepare for the Spirit Games™ Finale event..


Everyone is a winner at the Spirit Games™ there is something here for everybody!


Providing quality athletic and sports activites for children with mental and or physical disabilities is one of our primary goals as such we invite parents, schools, advocates and organizations who work directly with truely special population of young ...and aspiring athletes to get them engage in one of our adapative sports events.


It's through your support of these events that we will be able to increase accessibility and truely meet the needs of this deserving group of youth.



Various Dates (See Schedule Below)









All registrations must be completed online. In the interest of running an efficient and safe event entries are limited for the event. Participant may pick up their packet on event day at the stadium.


Guides are permitted where outlined.






Admission to this event is free.










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