Matter of a Mile™ (Wake County)

There are food deserts in every community in the US and this event brings awareness to food deserts located right here in our back yards .  Increasing fruits and veggies and physical activity are a critical part of our fight to eliminate childhood obesity.


Nearly one in three children in the state of NC are obese which has led to a population of over 65% obese adults.  This event is a community rally and RACE FOR A CAUSE to eliminate childhood obesity and it's just a Matter of a Mile™.  There are 5280 feet in a single mile and with the support of each of you our children are much closer to being able to fulfill their best possible healthy lives as a portion of the proceeds from each bib goes towards improving access to fruits and veggies in food deserts.


Children will participate in a 1 Mile run which will kick off with a pledge to increase their daily activity to include a minimum of one mile of walking or running each day.  Awaiting them at the end of the race course with be the Matter of a Mile™ Health and Wellness Gift Package.  In conjunction with PTA's and administrators we encourage school volunteers to help educate children, parents, teachers and faculty about the importance of fruits, veggies and physical activity as it relates to health and wellness.


Adults (over the age of 18 yrs) may join the Matter of a Mile™ RACE FOR A CAUSE and will count towards us reaching our goal of 5280 finishers.  

Create a team to help us achieve our goal quicker


September 18th - 22nd

* The maximum number of races per day will be limited to six (2)elementary (2)middle (2) high school

* A maximum number of races which will be promoted will be 30. 


Any elementary, middle or high-school in Wake County


Races must take place between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, to allow accessibility for all children interested in participating.


Matter of a Mile™ Race Bib                              $5.00/BIB

Matter of a Mile™ Companion Runner             $5.00/BIB


Each finisher will receive a 1.6K race bib and a gift at the finish line





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